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Career Opportunities


  • Welcoming and sitting diners comfortably in the dining section by setting the table with napkins, utensils, and menu 

  • Taking customers' food and drink orders by recording special dietary needs and special requests

  • Collaborating with the kitchen staff for prompt and correct picking up and delivering of orders; deliver accompaniments and condiments 

  • Memorizing the menu and recommend appetizers, meals and desserts from menu 

  • Staying updated on current menu choices, specialties and menu deviations, knowing if the kitchen staff is running out of any items, etc

  • Respond to additional patron requirements by inquiring of needs; observing dining process

  • Maintain table setting by removing course as completed; refilling water glasses; being alert to patron spills or other special needs

  • Assisting in the tidying of tables, clearing leftovers, and keeping dinning and takeout area clean and neat. 

  • Conclude dining experience by acknowledging choice of restaurant; inviting patrons to return

  • Obtain revenues by totaling charges; issuing bill; accepting payment; delivering bill and payment to host; returning change or credit card receipt to patrons

  • Contribute to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed

  • Provide welcoming phone greeting and taking phone orders 

  • Perform basic cleaning tasks as needed or directed by head server

  • Help assist with takeout orders & ensure supplies and ice cream are fully stocked 

Grill Cooks


  • ​Cook on grill with meats and vegetables while monitoring the meat’s temperature to ensure it is cooked safely 

  • Plate the food; responsible for plating the food by preparing it in an attractive manner while accordance with customers’ preferences, if applicable

  • Preparing ingredients before and throughout the day as ingredients are used

  • Cleaning the grill 

  • Checking ingredients remain fresh and safe for consumption

  • Preventing cross-contamination

  • Liaising with waitstaff once orders are finalized

  • Ensuring that the kitchen and workstation remains clean and orderly at all times

  • Informing the Manager when equipment is due for maintenance, repair, or replacement

  • Tracking inventory to ensure that you always have adequate supplies



  • Prior experience as cook, preferably with a focus on grilling

  • Thorough knowledge of food safety guidelines

  • Capacity to stand for long hours

  • Excellent organizational, time management, and multitasking skills

  • Level-headed with outstanding interpersonal skills

  • Ability to work shifts, over weekends, and on some holidays, as required 

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